Logistical Strengths and Systems

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Currently we do not undertake more than 8 Projects at a time. Our resources, although not limited to, but include the following:

  1. Eight Site Managers each equipped with the following

  2. Digital high resolution camera (company policy ensures a minimum of 20 photographs taken per day on each project of all elements of the construction work)
  3. Surveying and other equipment such as Dumpy Level, Spirit Levels, measuring equipment etc. DCP and Smith Hammer
  4. Temporary site office
  5. On site printer
  6. Site Instruction book with duplicate copies to client, principal agent and architect
  7. Site diary with all daily activities on site, meetings held, deliveries made and/or any other site incidents
  8. Mobile Phone
  9. Portable two way radio covering Helderberg, Overberg and up to Paarl
  10. Laptop
  11. fourteen construction vehicles on the road
  12. Admin manager, Daleen Le Grange and her administrative personnel
  13. More than 20 suppliers
  14. In House artisans consisting of
  15. Painters
  16. Carpenters
  17. Brick Layers
  18. Plasterers
  19. Skimmers
  20. Warehouse and workshop
  21. Complete project report summery sent to our client and principle agent every second week with photo record attached and outlining all variable orders and delays including a weekly Health & Safety report from our independent consultant.
  22. Real time HD video cameras on all our sites with permanent login access to professionals involved with the projects and time to time host login access to clients.
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