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MBA Boland Best Health & Safety Award 2013

Our key strategic objective is the achievement of “zero harm”. Site Foremen and management ensure that safety is not compromised in any circumstances by taking responsibility for employee safety, leading by example, encouraging positive safety behavior and discouraging negative behavior. Site Foremen apply a policy of zero tolerance to non-compliance with safety standards. The company undergoes regular Safety Audits with an average of 90% + over the past three years. Cases of occupational and non occupational disease are referred to external facilities. No pre-employment testing for HIV is undertaken and all HIV testing and counseling is undertaken voluntarily. Employees who are HIV positive are encouraged to participate in the wellness programs available through various local clinics.

In 2013, Mose Industries received the award from the Master Builders Association for best progress in occupational Health & Safe, Western Cape

In 2106 Mose Industries Achieved third place in the National Finals of the Master Builder South Africa’s National Occupational Health & Safety Competition!  




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