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_sgp2762aHouse Van Zyl – Meerhof Estate, Somerset West

We had the privilege of completing this beautiful security estate home for a very special lady, and a very special person!  The House was designed by Jordaan Architects and the overseeing architect was Pieter de Wet. 

Rescuing projects is mostly, extremely challenging!  We are always busy, in some way or another, attempting to restore faith in clients relating to their perspective of building contractors!  

“Building a home for someone is a privilege, much more that it is a job!”  Alberto N Mose 


“Blessed was the day when my way crossed that of Mose Industries.  Halfway through the building of my house in Meerhof Estate, Somerset West, the initial contractor could not deliver quality service any more and he sub contracted Mose Industries as project managers on my building project.  Being a perfectionist myself and lots of stress, after a week with Gerald Mose as project manager on my site, I knew this was a god sent.  Nothing is ever too much trouble, always on site and supervising even the smallest detail.  Taking over a project where things went wrong is most probably the least ideal for any contracting team.  But they never ceased to correct wrongs and every thing from then on was done perfect, no shortcuts.  Being  single, Gerald even helped me move in my furniture and assembled beds etc. 

That was not where it stopped.  Alberto and Gerald promised me that they were going no where and that I must not hire any handyman for small maintenance issues.  Whenever I have a problem, I just phone them and they make time, in their busy schedule,  to solve the issue.  Having seen other building projects going on around me in the estate, I am very sure that I had the best in Mose Industries.  There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that I will recommend them to anybody as the best in a field where there are, sad to say, a lot of contractors with very little integrity, just chasing the next new project and leaving lots of things in an unsatisfying way at their almost finished projects.    

Mose Industries are on their way to be one of the top building contractors in the Helderberg area and even outside these borders.  Have a look at the national award they received for Health and Safety on their building sites. 

God bless you, Alberto, Gerald and your team”


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