Turn Key Project Management

Managing your Construction Project from Concept to Creation


Construction Project management is the discipline of using established construction management principles, procedures and policies to manage a project from conception through completion. It is often abbreviated as PM.




Mose Industries Project management services oversees the planning, organizing and implementing of  projects. A construction project is an undertaking with specific start and end parameters designed to produce a defined outcome, such as a new house, building or development. 

Our project management plans are expected to effectively and efficiently guide all aspects of a project from start to finish, with the ideal goal of delivering the outcome on time and on budget. A project plan often begins with a program, and it is expected to identify potential challenges in advance and handle any challenges as they arise in order to keep the project on schedule.







 Our Responsibilities as Construction Project Managers

At Mose Industries, we recognize project management as a specific function within our organization and employ individuals specifically trained in this discipline — i.e., project managers — to handle our client’s project management needs.

We employ various methods and approaches to run construction projects, generally selecting the best approach based on the nature of the project, the client’s needs,  professionals involved, (like architects and engineers) as well as the skills of those working on the projects, contractors appointed, and other factors.

Managing your project involves multiple steps. Although the terminology for these steps varies, they often include:

  • Defining project goals;
  • Outlining the steps needed to achieve those goals;
  • Identifying the resources required to accomplish those steps;
  • Determining the budget and time required for each of the steps, as well as the project as a whole;
  • Overseeing the actual implementation and execution of the work; and
  • Delivering the finished outcome right up to the point where we assist you as our client with settling into you new house or commercial building.

As part of a strong project management plan, we implement controls to performance and progress against the established schedule, budget and objectives laid out in the project management plan. This is often referred to as the Scope of Works.

Because projects often require teams of workers who do not typically work together, effective project management requires strong communication and negotiation skills. We work closely with the multiple professionals and contractors who have interests in or involvement with, any given project!

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